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Théâtre en Rapport

4 Place du 25e Léger, l’Escaldadou, 66110, Amélie-les-Bains, France

Tél: 0033 6 24 65 00 15  E: ian@theatreenrapport.org

Théâtre en Rapport

En rapport avec les programmateurs

En Rapport with Programmers

Whether you are looking for high quality product for your venue’s next season, or are organising a festival which could do with a little Gallic flavour, we can be of help.

We can find you appropriate product, or help you communicate with artists you want to book.

With an extensive knowledge and contacts with French companies and artists, we can advise on the type of product available to you, and help with the negotiations.

We are in touch with a whole array of French theatre-makers, and spend time at French festivals seeking out exciting theatre-makers and artists.

We will only recommend companies, theatre-makers and artists with whom we have personal contact. However, we can also help trace artists to fulfil a specific brief if you are looking for something or someone particular.

Note however that we do not have any contacts with French cyclists with stripy t-shirts and onions – we deal in high quality French theatre, music and entertainment, not stereotypes!