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Théâtre en Rapport

4 Place du 25e Léger, l’Escaldadou, 66110, Amélie-les-Bains, France

Tél: 0033 6 24 65 00 15  E: ian@theatreenrapport.org

Théâtre en Rapport

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About Us

We specialise in enabling touring work to cross the Channel. We work with French and international theatre makers, musicians and performers, introducing them to the UK, and bring English companies back over to France.

A bilingual company, we are comfortable working in both languages, and have extensive knowledge of both markets

We are a creative producer more than a tour booking agency. Our work does include finding suitable venues for artists and companies, and suitable pieces of theatre or performers for venues. However, we work best when we are able to work alongside our partners (not ‘clients’ or ‘customers’) throughout the creative and touring process. We represent or work together with a small number if theatre-makers, musicians and performers, each selected because of the quality of their work and the exciting opportunities they offer

Our work is largely based in music and the visual and physical performing arts, principally because of the cross-border nature of what we and our partners do. We therefore work with theatre, circus, dance and music creators and companies.

With a background in producing and venue management, we are perfectly placed to work with you to create the best rapport between artist, venue and audience.

Education and outreach work is also key to what we do, and is one of our specialities.