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Théâtre en Rapport

4 Place du 25e Léger, l’Escaldadou, 66110, Amélie-les-Bains, France

Tél: 0033 6 24 65 00 15  E: ian@theatreenrapport.org

Théâtre en Rapport

En rapport avec les artistes

En Rapport with Theatre Makers

We can be as involved as you would like in your plans to tour to France.

If you’re thinking of touring across the Channel, you’ll need the help of a company experienced in touring, with the language skills to negotiate on your behalf.

For product and theatre-makers we really believe in, we can be involved at an earlier stage – designing a piece of theatre so as to make it work in translation, or for a French audience.

Or we can just help with finding appropriate venues, negotiating fees, or getting involved with the logistics. You may just need help in cutting through some of the red tape.

Get in touch – we’ll be happy to talk about your plans and how we might work with you