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Théâtre en Rapport

4 Place du 25e Léger, l’Escaldadou, 66110, Amélie-les-Bains, France

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Théâtre en Rapport


Un Poyo Rojo

We’re now looking for bookings from October 25th to November 7th  2015 for this wonderful show.

It is returning to the Avignon Off this summer (to a larger venue thanks to last year’s success), followed by a tour through to the end of the year of France and the UK.

"One of the 10 best shows of the year in Argentina" La Nacion

"Untiring energy" Diario Uno

"A joyful discovery, freshness, talent, and a rigourous technical performance." Mirada Teatral

Great fun, performed skilfully and with intense emotion.

Six seasons  at the Teatro del Perro, Buenos Aires

We saw them perform it during their sell-out run at the Avignon Off Festival in July 2014 and totally loved it – as did the audience (a wide range, including a large number of young people). The piece is set in a locker room and features two dancers/wrestlers – Nicolas Poggi and Luciano Rosso – who flirt and fight with each other in a playful, comedic – at times very sexual - push and pull.

The two converse through physical play – a mix of ballet, mime, acrobatics, tango, boxing, basket ball and dancing like the eponymous poyo (chicken). Having worked together so closely and for so long, the two like to mix in some improvised work too, as during the risky scene involving the random tuning of a live portable radio. Warning: it all ends with a kiss!

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