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Théâtre en Rapport

4 Place du 25e Léger, l’Escaldadou, 66110, Amélie-les-Bains, France

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Théâtre en Rapport



Dan & Dan Live

Dan & Dan have made their name on YouTube over the last six years, making satirical, wonderful hit videos like The Daily Mail Song which has been viewed - and appreciated - by millions . Dan’s fanbase includes Stephen Fry (“I love them so much it hurts”) and us!

In Edinburgh last August, Dan & Dan made the rather ambitious jump into live comedy, presenting their live show ‘Dan and Dan Live - the first sign of madness’ to packed audiences at The Canon’s Gait throughout the Festival.

We’ve known Dan for many years and are keen that many more people get to see the live show.

Comedy nights, festivals, mixed nights - Dan has projector and will travel!

Take a look at some of the YouTube videos:

The Daily Mail Song

Requiem for a Wardrobe

Youtube channel here

Chortle review here

Website: www.dananddan.com